5 Fun and Free Things to do in Tulsa with kids

I’m happy to resurrect the Five Free Family Friday series. I really wish I had more time to do more of these posts but I will certainly try harder to do more this year. It’s my pleasure to introduce this guest post from Natalie Tanner of The Educational Touristwho was kind enough to give us a list of these wonderful free attractions from Tulsa, Oklahoma (a city I have wanted to visit and hope to visit soon). I love how Natalie approaches her family’s travels and wish I can use one of her ebooks soon for one of our trips. 

Welcome to Green Country! Tulsa is in the northeast corner of Oklahoma which is known for its mild climate and beautiful scenery. With gorgeous blooming trees and plants of all types, it is easy to see why Tulsa was named America’s Most Beautiful City by Time magazine in the 1950s. There is so much to see here: Route 66, Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art and the Brookside area.

Free things to do in Tulsa

1. Philbrook Museum

The gorgeous building, originally home to the Phillips family, of Phillips 66 fame, has a little bit of everything! The art is from many different categories but has an especially impressive Native American art section. Take a tour, visit the grounds, and have a bite for lunch. My favorite is Rodin’s statue, ‘Adam’ just inside the front door! This wonderful museum is free to kids under 17.

Tulsa Philbrook Museum

2. Riverside Park System

This system of parks and biking and walking trails runs alongside the Arkansas river. Walk, bike, or roller blade along the trail and enjoy pit stops at the traditional playgrounds along the way. Find the statues or play a game of frisbee!

tulsa riverside buffalo

3. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

Hike in the wilderness just 7 miles from downtown! Open from dawn to dusk for hiking and biking.

Hiking in Tulsa

4. Visit Golden Driller

Symbolizing the oil history of Tulsa is the Golden Driller. Step right up and meet the largest free standing statue in the U.S – all 76 feet of him! He stands on the Tulsa State Fairground and his shoe size is 393 DDD. Sometimes the Tulsa Driller wears outfits! In 2011, he wore a Scottish kilt. I’d love to know how much fabric that took!

tulsa driller

5. Tulsa Garden Center

Enjoy the 5,000 plants of nearly 250 varieties on 4.5 acres. Free tours are available or you can wander around yourself. Take a picnic lunch! Roses bloom from May until the first frost (November- ish) but the best time to see them is mid-May through June and again in October. Not only is it home to scores of gorgeous flowers some say the mansion is haunted! The gardens are open all the time, but the conservatory hours are: Mon-Fri 7:30-2:30.

tulsa rose garden

Honorable Mention: The Center of the Universe

This acoustical marvel is easy to miss and not well maintained but worth a visit if you can find it. It is on the Boston Street pedestrian overpass between 1st and Archer street…follow the brick path until you get to the circle. Stand in the center of the brick circle and talk. Your voice will echo much louder than you expect it to, but those on the outside of the circle hear nothing! Kooky fun for the whole family!

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*Any other suggestions for free things to do in Tulsa with kids? 

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This is a part of a series called Five Free Family Friday which is a collective guide of free family-friendly attractions from places all over the world.  If you’d like to contribute with the free attractions in your home city, I would love your guest posts. Thanks!

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