Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton Sign

We wish we spent a bit more time in this wonderful park instead of driving through it on our way to Jackson, WY.   We did a few pit stops to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery.

Grand Teton

We came in through the South entrance from Yellowstone National Park.  The Tetons and Jackson Lake with the changing colors of the fall foliage as a backdrop were very impressive.

We saw plenty of bison and were closer to the road on Route 89 here.

Bison herd at Grand Teton

Bison herd at Grand Teton

Oxbow Bend and Snake River overlooks were not to be missed for spectacular scenic shots especially when the Tetons are not hidden by fog and clouds.
Snake River Overlook

Despite what the sign says, we didn’t see any animals crossing the road but did see plenty pf bison, horses and a couple of  deer.  We were desperately looking out for moose but had no luck.

Grand Teton wildlife sign

Grand Teton wildlife sign


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