Photo Post: Where have you taken a nap while traveling?

Many travelers have done it – took power naps when necessary to re-energize when jet lag and exhaustion from exploring take over.  I have one in my family notorious for this.  In honor of my husband’s birthday and Father’s Day this week, this is a photo post all about HIM (all in good fun) and the places I’ve caught him sleeping during our travels.  One of the things I really admire about him is his ability to sleep almost anywhere.  He can spot a bench or a nook and be able to have a quick nap while I struggle to sleep in a plane or a car.

Apparently, lavender really does have some relaxing powers.  He found a bench and fell asleep while the kids completed a scavenger hunt during our visit to the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui.

alii kula lavender farm maui

A beautiful Spring day and allergies led to a snooze fest at the Los Angeles Arboretum.

Los Angeles Arboretum sleeping image

Since we were in Madrid, a siesta was in order at El Retiro Park.  He was the only one who took advantage of siesta time while the kids played.  I guess park settings and gardens have a special effect on him.

El Retiro Park Madrid sleeping image

A few steps away was Buon Retiro Lake with a lot of activity and noise but that didn’t bother him.  Jetlag can be quite powerful.

Buon Retiro Lake Madrid image

He also loves the soothing breeze and sound of the waves at any beach setting.  This was after a stroll at Laguna Beach in Southern California.

Laguna Beach view image

You have to admit the guy picks some of the best backdrops for taking naps.

Laguna Beach view image

Of course, a beachside hammock in Cozumel, Mexico was just begging for someone to take a nap in.  Luckily, we had an eager volunteer.  How can anyone resist this tropical setting?

Chankaanab Cozumel hammock

During one of our cruises, I went to one of the shops to look around.  I guess I was gone a lot longer than expected because I found him like this.  Who knew portholes were made for napping too?

Cruise ship porthole nap image

It looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  Here’s our son during a cruise down the River Seine in Paris at dusk.  The rocking motion must have been too relaxing and we just tired him out from all the sightseeing.

River seine boat cruise paris

One of my favorite shots – this is what carbs do to you or a full day of activity in Sitka, Alaska.  He fell asleep during dinner at the cruise ship.

Cruise ship nap

When my husband is awake, he has a lot of energy to do these high jumps including one of my favorite super shots.  Sleep does wonders for the body.

Grand Teton national Park sign image

Grand canyon sign jump image

Advance Happy Father’s Day to all the traveling Dads out there.

*Which interesting places have you taken a nap or a snooze?

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