Segovia was truly an idyllic Spanish city. This was how I pictured Old World Spain with winding, narrow cobblestone streets and marvelous architecture. We knew we had to visit this walled city with numerous cathedrals, a large Roman aqueduct and a castle on a hill and it was an easy train ride and day trip from Madrid.

Segovia Spain main attractions

We fell in love with this city. Segovia was so magical with plenty of history and many well-preserved buildings and monuments. It was no surprise it was declared one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.  It was very well worth the day trip from Madrid and a definite must-see in Spain.  I wish we had more time to have spent the night here and seen its nightlife. We’ll be back, Segovia!  In the meantime, I hope you can read through the posts below and why we’d love to return and hope it will inspire you to visit.

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