A Stop at Morro Bay with kids

We stopped by Morro Bay for lunch on our way to Hearst Castle.  This was a pretty popular stop for many driving along California’s central coast.   Morro rock is the symbol of the city of Morro Bay. It was an imposing large rock (about 575 feet) that seemed to be on its own island but was actually connected to the city by a road.Morro Rock
We saw it through many vantage points throughout the city. There was a nice beach area with large waves as we drove towards it on the right side.  It was pretty windy and cold when we parked on the beach around noon.  There was a hiking trail towards the back of the rock.  On the rocky area to the left of the road were some sea otters relaxing on the bay which was a popular spot for kids to watch them.  My kids were also willy entertained by some well-fed squirrels.  This was a good area for bird watching enthusiasts.

Morro Bay sea otters

Morro Bay sea otters relaxing

Morro Bay sandspit

Morro Bay sandspit

The quaint downtown area had some unique shops and a few restaurants and was a good place to get some treats and walk off lunch.

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